Currently if we send a picture or photo via Gmail only have the option to attach a file to the message. This may be perfect for many, but the reality is that some users want to integrate that image into the text of e-mail and have no answer.

For all the news that we can now insert images in mails from Gmail simply go into Gmail Labs, and select the tool Insert Images to add a new button to the toolbar of Gmail.


Selecting this button will have the ability to upload an image from your computer or copy the address from the web. After the image selected, Gmail automatically placed into the message where the cursor was located.

Among the great advantages of this new feature is the ability to resize the image simply by dragging them, or choose any of four preset sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and Original).

It is worth mentioning that the receiver of the message may have problems to watch exactly as it was sent if you use a mail client does not support old or posts made in HTML format. In these cases, surely the image will be presented as an external file.

Considering the number of users who have this kind of problem, surprisingly really that friend of Google do not want to be a standard feature for all users of Gmail or that it is at least easier to locate.