No doubt when you edit those errors in our pictures the first word that comes to mind today is Photoshop. The new version of CS6 is now to reach our hands but while we have this sweet waiting we already know Photoshop CS6 Beta version, the new version provides us with as a great new resource element in three dimensions, and a greater emphasis on videos two resources rather than “trendy” nowadays.

A few days ago Adobe released only to the public the first test version of that version. Open to all audiences is free to download the new version of the famous image editor arrives in his new beta with new features more significant.

New Photoshop CS6

Starting from the area of work now and much improved overall differences, being very similar to the current Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, the CS6 sample with its new design tip of the iceberg of what will be one of the new approaches, we are talking about the videos. For users already familiar with image editing photoshop come with the new and improved tools for simple video editing and 3D elements.

Adobe pushes the video editing capabilities in mind the large number of mobile cameras and recording video in high quality. “Research showed us that many people were leaving their videos aside from not knowing to make them”, said Zorana Gee, the product manager for Adobe.

New Photoshop CS6

The big bad news about the beta version of Photoshop CS6 is that this does not have the long awaited resource Image deblurring. The appeal will be present if the final version is an innovative tool that will remove smudges and correct blurry images. In spite of the same being tested on a computer with above average capacity or 12 GB of RAM and a NVIDIA Quadro 2000 video card, undoubtedly was felt that the new program works much faster than the previous version.

Contrary to what many may think working with video in Photoshop CS6 is not at all difficult for those already familiar with editing the images. At first sight is more than clear that Adobe will maintain professional editors Adobe Premiere and After Effects for advanced users. The video of the new tools of Photoshop serve only small color corrections, add new features and settings rather simple.

In the video editing itself sufficient just two effects on the layers to be altered the color of the entire video. For its part in editing 3D elements requires a little more practice but nothing that precludes the use of those who are fans of venturing into 3D tools. The interesting part is to work with three-dimensional elements at the same time when you edit a photo. The new version for its part has the distinction of being able to recover files closed, no doubt a point once we have all suffered.