Mozilla Thunderbird is preparing a version that will support multiple instant messaging services known. You can download a trial version.

The habit of checking e-mail from the same web clients where we have accounts, as Hotmail or Google, has led to mail clients have an increasing use minority. However, Mozilla is planning a new way to inject a little more life to Thunderbird via instant messaging.

Thunderbird will integrate instant messaging

Implementing chat in Thunderbird unify instant messages from various services, together with the feed reader and the email itself. In short, there would need to leave Thunderbird for productivity does not decline, because we all contacts of almost all services close at hand and with the possibility not only of sending emails, but also to chat with them.

You can download an experimental version of Thunderbird with MI, although Mozilla announces that instant messaging will come in three versions, specifically in Thunderbird 13; at the moment the latest version is 10, so accounting for the normal Mozilla updates. The new version will chat in just over three months.

The trial version supports Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Twitter and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and you can be discharged, but not yet announced that Mozilla can be used in a production environment because of the possible failures that will present the program.