No doubt currently where all visualize videos, movies or presentations on our computers have a good multimedia player is basic and in the market even though there are thousands just 10% are truly recommended.

VLC is one of the most recommended for all fans of Apple and today is also present on Windows platforms as well as in mobile platforms such as IOS. VLC not only easy but gives us a great support for file support, interface clear and precise and constant updates and today we just called 2.0 that we will know.

VLC 2.0

VideoLan VLC creator released later this week the final version of its popular media player, under the VLC 2.0 with a codiname Twoflower arrives bringing some new features as shown in different release last year, but some of them are really new.

The first item to be noticed at the time of installation is the new design at least in Mac OS X. In Microsoft Windows this and had for some time the interface was ported to the Apple system. Following it quickly to the video playback should be the second item now notorious as the decoding of video codecs has now gained some support for multi core architecture processors.

Another important item is the support for new codecs for those who are professional video editors or external film. VLC has won support for ProRes 422, AVC Intra Technology and 4444 used by them. Besides this in Linux this card also gains support SDI and HD-SDI and all versions was also included experimental support for playback of Blu-ray.

A complete list of news in all operating systems is available on the web discharge. This page also cites also the versions for the Android mobile OS and IOS have gained new audio but still no signal in the respective stores.